Frequently Asked Questions


Statcast is a tool that allows you to collect and process data from a streaming channel. Data are processed in real time and are accompanied by graphs updated every minute. The reports generated concern both single streams and aggregated data from different streams or channels.

This page is dedicated to some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

General questions

To sign up for Statcast you just need to register here: https://cp.statcast.live/register
It will be required an email and choosing a password. Otherwise, you can use the sign-up by social media.

We constantly collect and process data from any provider's Icecast and Shoutcast servers. We provide statistics and listening trends innovatively and intuitively.

Not necessarily, but to obtain data about your audience's behavior or analyze their affiliation, you need to log in with your server credentials.

Techinical questions

All the statistics shown are the result of an accurate analysis of your streaming data server. Statcast does not modify this data or return partial data. Some statistics are offered as data averages. You can request a customized minimum session time for detections.

Statcast statistics are available in real-time and updated every minute.

Statcast provides clear and detailed information about your audience. It shows where they came from, how many unique listeners, and which platform or system they are using. Furthermore, Statcast can analyse the affiliation, the time spent, and the acquisition of new users.