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Set one or more stations in your account. Just the URL and password of your Shoutcast or Icecast server.



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Real-time listening statistics

Keep your listeners under control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You just have to enter the data of your Shoutcast or Icecast server, we'll take care of everything else! You will not need to install any software or purchase any servers. It's all ☁️ cloud!


Multichannel graphics

Do you have more than one channel? No problem! You can choose to see graphs of a specific channel or graphs of some or all of your channels together, also analyzing time slots, schedules and detailed behavior of users.


Detailed analysis for advertising customers

From our decades of experience, we provide you with user acquisition charts, listening times, origin, unique users, stay rates and much more!


Detailed graphs for programs and time slots

That's right! Statcast analyzes data based on time slots, your schedule, the music you transmit and the tastes of users. Want to know which program goes the most? Here is your solution!

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To celebrate the launch of Statcast, we encourage you to find out
Statcast the innovative statistics service for audio streaming.
Help us understand if our system meets all your needs by discovering all the tools to analyze your streaming in a different way!

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What we offer

We offer the opportunity for your company or your group to enhance what you produce with your web radio with certified data, thanks to which you can keep an eye on the tastes of your listeners, which programs are heard most and much more . Your advertising customers (or your dealership) will be able to see with certainty the results of your transmissions, and will be encouraged to purchase advertising space.

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For the growth of your company

Statcast: created for you

Our servers work continuously to offer all customers data like no one else has ever proposed before. We are well aware of the needs of radios and web radios thanks to the over ten years of experience we have in the sector. Statcast is the solution to grow your channel!

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Which streaming providers are compatible?

We constantly collect and process data from any provider's Icecast and Shoutcast servers. We provide statistics and listening trends in a new and intuitive way.

Do I need to provide the administrator password of my server?

Not necessarily, but to get data about the behavior of your users or analyze their affiliation you need to log in with the credentials of your server.

How do I register to Statcast?

To register for Statcast just send a request through the appropriate contact form. One of our consultants will contact you to show you the potentialities of the system. We will also support you in registering your server.

How accurate are the Statcast detections?

Tutte le statistiche mostrate sono il frutto di una accurata analisi dei dati del tuo server streaming. Statcast non altera questi dati o restituisce dati parziali cialis genérico en españa. Alcune statistiche sono proposte come media di dati. E’ possibile richiedere un tempo di sessione minimo personalizzato per le rilevazioni.

How long does it take for statistics to be available?

Statistics are available in real time on Statcast.

What kind of statistics are analyzed?

Statcast provides clear and detailed information about your audience. It shows the source, how many unique listeners and which platform or system they use. In addition, Statcast is able to analyze the affiliation, the time spent, and the acquisition of new users.

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